Bolder Lives

Lani Parker, Bolder Lives coach, looks at the camera
Lani Parker, Bolder Lives coach, looks at the camera (credit: Bruce Wang,

My name is Lani Parker and I trade as a coach under the name Bolder Lives, because the world we find ourselves in requires us to think more boldly. My training, coaching and facilitation support people to make bold change, however this takes shape.

Do you have big dreams you feel unable to realise?
Do you feel you are lacking in confidence or feel overwhelmed?
Do you need some support to find a new direction that works for you in your life?

Then coaching could help.

Contact me if:

>   You’re looking for support to identify what is working and what is not in your life.

>   You want to make a change and need some support to do it.

>   You’re willing to be challenged in ways which might feel uncomfortable and to look at and work with difficult feelings.

Making change is never easy, or else you’d have done it already. The answers are inside of you and those around you but are not always easy to identify or act on without support.

If you are interested please contact me to arrange a free, initial 30-minute conversation, where we can find out if you'd benefit from working with me.

"I asked Lani to coach me as I wanted to make changes in my life, but didn't know where to start. Her thorough approach and useful exercises helped me to gain insights into behavioral patterns that prevented me from change and enabled me to identify the steps I needed to take. I found Lani to be a very professional and compassionate coach and as I'm a mom of two young children she was able to accommodate my needs when meeting, either online or face to face. I would definitely recommend her services."

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